MAR Film Strip 46

MAR Film Strip 46 is an aqueous solution designed to strip aqueous dry film photo-resist and alkaline soluble screen printing inks. The MAR Film Strip 46 has a rapid strip rate for high speed horizontal applications.

Advantages of the MAR Film Strip 46 application:

  • Contains copper brightening agents for uniform clean appearance
  • Excellent stripping capacity and rapid strip rate for high speed horizontal applications
  • Can be used in a batch mode
  • Has an anti-tarnish additive that inhibits copper attack to facilitate A.O.I. inspection
3 – 6 % by volume
Optimum Operational Limits
Concentration: 5% 3 – 6%
Operating Temperature: 130°F 120 - 140°F
pH: >10.5 ≥ 9.6 – 11.0
Time: 5 seconds 3 - 5 seconds
**Boards must enter the stripper dry**

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For maximum results, spray equipment should be equipped with a pre-soak chamber and a minimum of 2 spray chambers. Equipment should also have an automatic dosing system keeping the pH of the solution constant.
** Analysis should be performed at least twice daily**

  • Tanks:
    Polypropylene , PVC, Polyethylene, Fiberglass
  • Heaters:
    Stainless Steel, Teflon, Titanium
  • Ventilation:
    Advised (50 FPM)
  • Filtration:
    Recommended to extend solution life
  • Agitation:
    Vertical – rack bar 1” stroke back and forth
    Horizontal – not required
  • Vibration:
    Vertical – recommended
    Horizontal – for high aspect work – a pre-soak is recommended
  1. Reagents Required
    • 0.1N Hydrochloric Acid
    • Bromothymol Blue Indicator
    • 1ml pipet
    • 50ml burette
    • 250ml Erlenmeyer Flask
    • DI water
  2. Procedure:
    1. Pipette a 1 ml sample from the production bath into a 250 ml flask and dilute to 100mls with DI water.
    2. Add 8 – 10 drops of Bromothymol blue indicator.
      NOTE: the endpoint color change is from blur to yellow
    3. Titrate with 0.1 N Hydrochloric acid to the yellow endpoint.

      Percent of the RS 46 = (ml of 0.1N HCI) x 0.54
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