Electro Solid

MAR Electro E-450

MAR Electro E-450 is a heavy duty, powdered, alkaline electro cleaner designed for steel, and stainless steel. MAR Electro E-450 is a high alkalinity, non-chelated and non-emulsifying electro cleaner formulated to be effective for direct, or reverse current electro cleaning.


  • Wide operating range.
  • Liquid concentrate.
  • Floats most water soluble oils extending cleaner life.
  • High conductivity for maximum gassing and cleaning effect.
  • Non-dusting.
  • Excellent tolerance to soils and a wide range of oils and compounds.
  • High alkalinity, non-chelated and non-emulsifying product.


  • Tanks: Mild steel tank or any material suitable for hot alkaline solutions.
  • Heating: Mild steel heating coils or immersion heaters may be used.
  • Ventilation: Tanks should be ventilated to remove steam generated by the high temperature operation.

Other optional equipment: Automatic feeder and controller, oil skimmer, overflow system with holding tank to segregate floating contaminants.

Required Inventory

MAR Electro E-450: Required for make up and replenishment.

Operating Conditions:
Optimum Range
MAR Electro E-450: 8 oz/gallon 6 – 12 oz/gallon
Immersion Time: as required - usually 3 minutes
Temperature: 65 – 90 C (150 – 195 °F)
Current Density: 20 – 100 amperes per square foot

MAR Electro E-450:

Analysis Procedure:


  • Phenolphthalein Indicator
  • Standard 1.0 N Sulphuric Acid Solution


  1. Pipette a 5 ml sample into a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask and add 100ml D.I. water.
  2. Add 5 drops phenolphthalein indicator.
  3. Titrate with 1.0 N sulphuric acid to colourless.


  • (ml of 1.0 N Sulphuric Acid) X 1.36 = oz/gallon MAR Electro E-450
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