MAR Chrome Pro BC

MAR CHROME PRO BC is a specially formulated Non Fluoride Black Chromium electroplating process for the deposition of a corrosion resistant functional black chromium deposit. The unique deposits possess good thermal stability in high temperature applications.

The MAR CHROME PRO BC deposit can be plated directly on steel, copper, nickel and in a specific process sequence even over chrome. In certain applications, post treatments with oils, waxes or clear lacquers may be used to brighten and protect the black finish.

Solution Preparation


COMPONENTS for 100 litre make-up
MAR BC-50 30 Kg
MAR BC-51 7.5 litres
MAR BC-52 1Kg
MAR BC-53 4 litres

The plating tank should be filled to two thirds of the operating volume with deionized or distilled water. The chloride content of the water should not exceed 10 ppm. Adjust the solution to the operating temperature of 25°C. Electrolyze the plating solution for 1 hour to form equilibrium with all of the components. Chloride and sulphate ions are detrimental to the plating solution.

Operating parameters

Solution temperature 20 – 30° C 25° C
Cathode current density 14 – 50 A/dm2 20 A/dm2
Plating time* 3 – 8 minutes 5 minutes
Chromic Acid content 240 – 350 g/l 300 g/l
Sulphate radical less than 0.1 g/l

*At 20 A/dm2 and 25° C 0.38 microns.

If the deposit is not black enough and all operating conditions are correct, an addition of 1% BV of additive MAR BC-51 can be added. High concentration of MAR BC-51 will reduce the covering power of the solution.


    Steel tanks lined with PVDF, PFA or flexible PVC materials or other materials capable of withstanding the continuous exposure to the high concentration of Chromic Acid and temperature.


    Standard 7% tin – 93% lead anodes should be used. A combination of tin, antimony and lead alloys may be also used.


    Appropriate rectifiers with less than 5% ripple and capable of sufficient amperage output to provide up to 40 A/dm2 and voltage capacity of 3 – 12 volts should be used.


    Titanium or TEFLON® covered heaters, heating and cooling coils and heat exchangers can be used. Steel or Stainless Steels must be avoided since they will dissolve in the chromic acid solution.


    Ventilation that meets government emission standards should be used. Temperature controls and bus bars used in conventional chromium plating systems can be used. If cooling is done using cooling by water, electrically insulate these lines by using rubber connections.


The MAR CHROME PRO BC-50 compound and the actual plating bath contain Chromic Acid. It can cause severe burns. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Do not inhale or swallow. Eye contact can cause severe burns or loss of sight. Use with adequate ventilation and proper protective equipment. Rubber gloves and chemical safety glasses are recommended safety equipment including approved respirators should be used, as necessary. Do not eat or drink while handling this product, and wash thoroughly after handling these materials. Consult the individual Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of the MAR CHROME PRO BC system for complete information.


Eye contact: Flush immediately with a continuous flow of warm water for 15 minutes. Call a physician for treatment for exposure to Chromic Acid immediately.

Skin contact: Flush thoroughly with water. Contaminated clothing must be removed and washed immediately before reuse. Chromic Acid in contact with organic materials, such as clothing will cause burns.

Inhalation: Remove the exposed patient to fresh air and consult a physician.

Ingestion: HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Give large quantities of water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Call a physician for further treatment immediately.


The MAR CHROME PRO BC-50 is very stable, however, the solid MAR CHROME PRO BC-50 can absorb moisture once the container has been opened. Do not store in contact with organic or alkaline materials. Keep containers closed when not in use. Do not cross contaminate containers; always use clean scoops, buckets, and pumps.


Consult the MSDS’s for the MAR CHROME PRO BC plating system for complete information.

Always contain the spillage, soak up the solutions with an inert absorbent and never use paper. Scoop into a suitable container for disposal. Refer to the applicable provincial and local regulations for the current response information.

The waste generated from any spill of the MAR CHROME PRO BC products and the plating solution will contain levels of chromium in excess of permissible limits. Refer to your local and government regulations. These laws and regulations will determine the proper procedure for waste disposal.

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