Soak Liquid


MAR ECO SOAK is a concentrated heavy-duty ECO liquid detergent formulation for use as a general purpose cleaner. It is very effective at removing tough soils, greases and numerous oils from metal and non-metal surfaces.

  • Formulated not to leave any residues on surfaces.
  • Has a wide operating range.
  • Liquid concentrate which can be easily diluted.
  • Removes tough soils, grease and numerous oils and water soluble oils from metal and non-metal surfaces.
  • Compatible with post treatment chemistries.
  • Removes all soils and a wide range of oils and compounds.
Operating Parameters
MAR ECO SOAK 10 – 25 % v/v
Temperature : Room – 120 °F

MAR ECO SOAK is fully compatible with automatic floor scrubber systems, and can also be applied by mop, brushing or spraying onto dirty machines and equipment to remove dirt, grease and oil.

For heavily soiled areas, it is recommended that MAR ECO SOAK be applied as a concentrated and left in contact for the required time.

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