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MAR ELECTRO EC-11 is an alkaline electro cleaner for surface conditioning of steel, copper and copper alloys prior to electroplating. It has been designed for the toughest of electro cleaning applications. MAR ELECTRO EC-11's unique surfactant removes heavy oils, sulfurized oils and greases.


  • MAR ELECTRO EC-11 is an alkaline cleaner designed for steel and copper alloys.
  • Packaged in convenient 208 liter drum which reduces packaging disposal costs.
  • MAR ELECTRO EC-11 has a unique wetting system that provides free rinsing.
  • Can be used in both barrel and rack line applications.
  • Unique surfactant system results in superior product life, outstanding economy, and the ability to handle the most difficult electro cleaner cleaning applications.
  • Produces excellent results at lower operating temperatures, reducing energy costs.
Steel Copper & Brass
Concentration: 4 – 8 % BV 1 – 4 % BV
Temperature: 120 – 180 °F 120 – 180 °F
Current Density: 15 – 90 ASF 15 – 90 ASF
Time: 1 - 3 minutes 1 - 3 minutes

Steel tanks and heating coils


Half fill the tank with water. Add the required amount of MAR ELECTRO EC-11 to the tank slowly with stirring to aid solution of the cleaner and to avoid localized overheating which could cause spattering. MAR ELECTRO EC-1 CONTAINS STRONG ALKALINE MATERIALS; TAKE CARE TO AVOID SPLASHING WHEN MAKING ADDITIONS. Fill the tank to final working volume with water, raise the temperature to the desired operating range and check the concentration.

  1. Pipette a 10 ml. sample into a flask
  2. Add 4 or 5 drops of methyl orange indicator.
  3. Titrate with 0.1 N HCl to a red end point.

ml of 0.1 N HCl x 0.545 = % BV MAR ELECTRO EC-11


When working with or using solutions in which this product is used, care should be taken to avoid skin contact, ingestion, contact with eyes or breathing fumes or dusts. When making additions or using this product chemical resistant gloves, aprons, boots and safety goggles and/or face shields should be used. The use of the appropriate NIOSH approved respirator is recommended. This material and the processes in which it is employed should be used with adequate ventilation. Wash thoroughly after handling.


In case of skin contact, remove the contaminated clothing and immediately flush the skin for at least fifteen minutes with fresh, cool water. Consult a physician. All contaminated clothing should be laundered before re-use.

In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes continuously for at least fifteen minutes with fresh, cool water from a low pressure source. Hold eyelids apart while flushing to insure contact of water with all surfaces of eyes and lids. Consult a physician immediately.

For inhalation, move exposed individual to fresh air. If breathing has stopped, perform artificial respiration, and obtain medical assistance immediately.

If swallowed do not induce vomiting. If the individual is conscious, administer large volumes of fresh water to dilute the chemical. NEVER GIVE ANYTHING BY MOUTH TO AN UNCONSCIOUS PERSON. If vomiting occurs spontaneously, keep airway clear. Seek medical assistance immediately.

The data and statements contained in this bulletin are based on testing information and are believed to be accurate and reliable. This bulletin is not a Guarantee or Warranty, express or implied regarding the products use. The product is sold on the condition that the purchaser will do their own tests to determine the suitability of the product in a particular application.

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