Mist Suppressant


Mist Suppressant CP is a Fume and Spray Suppressant, PFOS and PFAS free. It is highly effective, NON-FLUORINATED liquid wetting agent for all heavy deposition chromium plating baths and chrome stripping solutions. This system provides an excellent balance between a surface foam film height and surface tension reduction. It is designed to eliminate misting and reduce drag-out.

  • Mist Suppressant CP provides a foam blanket with superior surface tension and interfacial tension reduction.
  • Mist Suppressant CP lowers the surface tension to 35 dynes/cm, thus substantially lowering drag-out losses as well as reducing the size of escaping bubbles.

Mist Suppressant CP is available as a liquid and is packaged in 20 litre pails. The amount of Mist Suppressant CP compound recommended to achieve effective fume suppression and surface tension reduction is 2 ml per litre (1 fl. oz. per USG) of plating solution, depending on the requirements of the particular installation. This amount will produce an effective reduced surface tension and foam height.

Plant experience will determine the proper amount of Mist Suppressant CP required maintaining an operating solution since it is dependent upon the amount of work processed.

However, several general rules can be suggested:

  1. When visual observation is used to determine the need for addition, about 2 litres of Mist Suppressant CP may be added at one time per 1,000 litres of solution.
  2. When the surface tension method is used, the general rule is that 80 ml of Mist Suppressant CP per 1,000 litres will reduce the surface tension 1 dyne/cm. For satisfactory operation, the surface tension should be between 45 - 35 dynes/cm.

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