MAR COPPER PRO DF is an ultra-high performance, dye-free addition agent system for bright acid copper plating on metal or plastic substrates. It offers unparalleled leveling characteristics, with a low stressed deposit that is ductile, and readily accepts subsequent coatings without a loss of adhesion.

MAR COPPER PRO DF exhibits excellent brightness and leveling across all normal current density ranges, giving consistently high quality plating on normally difficult to plate geometric forms.

MAR COPPER PRO DF utilizes a signal maintenance component under normal operating conditions. Is fully consumed by electrolysis (providing consistent results) and is free of tricyclic derivatives or dyes. It is also less sensitive to higher temperatures, both of which minimize the need for frequent carbon purifications.

Optimum Range
Copper Sulfate 185 g/litre 165 – 202.5 g/litre
Sulfuric Acid 85 g/litre 75 – 90 g/litre
Chloride Ion 80 ppm 50-150 ppm
DF MAKE-UP 0.5% BV 0.4-0.6% BV
DF MAINTENANCE 0.1% BV 0.05-0.15% BV
Temperature 70-80F 68-100F
Current Density 20-100 ASF
Anode/Cathode Ratio 2:1

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Tanks Acid Resistant
Agitation Mechanical or Air
Anode baskets Titanium
Anodes Phosphorized Copper
Filtration Continuous: Diatomaceous Earth with no or little Carbon
Anode Bags Acid Resistant, such as Polypropylene
  1. Fill mixing tank with water to approximately ¾ of the final working volume of the plating tank.
  2. Agitate the water mechanically or with air agitation while slowly and carefully adding 660 Be Sulfuric Acid at concentration of 0.6875 pounds or 0.04482 gallons per gallon of final tank working volume.

    **WARNING** Sulfuric Acid causes severe burns. A full face shield, rubber gloves, rubber apron, and rubber boots must be worn while making the additions. In case of contact with skin or eyes, flush thoroughly with running water and obtain immediate help from a physician.

  3. While mixing, slowly add and dissolve 1.5 pound of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate per gallon of final tank working volume.
  4. Add 80ml of reagent grade hydrochloric acid per 100gal of tank volume.
  5. Once all the Copper Sulfate is dissolved, the solution is treated with carbon at a rate of 0.03 pounds of activated carbon per gallon of solution. The solution is mixed by air agitation for 1 to 2 hours and then allowed to settle and cool for at least 1 to 2 hours before it is pumped through a filter into the clean plating tank.
  6. Add water to adjust to the final working volume and mix well with air agitation. Analyze the solution for Copper Sulfate, Sulfuric Acid, and Chloride ion and make additions if required.
  7. Purify the solution by using preplate dummy cathodes at 10 to 30 ASF for 1 to 2 hours followed by 5 to 10 ASF for 2 hours.

    Add DF addition agents:

    DF MAKE-UP 0.5% by volume
    DF MAINTENANCE 0.1% by volume

Copper Sulfate is normally added only during make-up because the source for the copper ions required for plating after the bath is made up will be furnished by electrolytic and chemical dissolution of the copper anodes.

Sulfuric Acid provides conductivity to the solution and dissolution of the anodes.

Chloride Ion concentrations higher than 150 ppm can produce grainy deposits, reduced leveling, and can contribute to passivation of the anodes (white appearance). Concentrations lower than 50 ppm can produce rough or striated deposits and cause step plating in the high current density area.


DF MAINTENANCE is the primary maintenance component used at approximately 1 litre per 3,000 - 5,000 ampere hours.

DF MAINTENANCE is used to maintain brightness and leveling.

DF MAKE-UP is used on make-up of a new bath or conversion of an existing bath. High current density burning due to misuse of the DF MAINTENANCE can be diminished by the addition of DF MAKE-UP. If DF MAINTENANCE additions are properly maintained, DF MAKE-UP should not be needed.


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