The MAR BLUE 1 PASSIVATE is a liquid trivalent clear conversion coating for zinc plated parts. This system complies with the European ELV directive and further environmental RoHS and WEEE directives. It offers a wide operating window, ease of operation and corrosion protection exceeding 250 hours of neutral salt spray testing to white corrosion products. The convenient liquid concentrate when used correctly will produce an aesthetic pleasing bright blue conversion coating film over ZINC and ZINC/NICKEL deposited from alkaline cyanide, alkaline cyanide FREE systems. MAR BLUE 1 PASSIVATE is a cost effective alternative to high corrosion finishes in a chrome six free product.

The finish produced from the MAR BLUE 1 PASSIVATE is resistant to typical yellow staining, are temperature stable up to 200°C, so all parts can be coated completely before treated against hydrogen embitterment and can be easily dyed with appropriate coloured dye systems. With a tolerance to impurities, the system is economical to operate with less new make-ups than others systems. The MAR BLUE 1 PASSIVATE finish when used in conjunction with the appropriate MAR ZINC PRO OS SEALER as a top coat, can achieve 500 hours to white rust over the typical zinc plated surfaces.

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  • Be sure the tank being used is leached of all hexavalent chromium products before charging.
  • Fill tank to approximately 75% of final volume preferably with deionized water.
  • Add the required amount of MAR BLUE 1.
  • Bring tank to final working volume and check pH of the solution.
  • To raise the pH, use diluted Sodium Hydroxide, and to lower the pH use Sulphuric Acid.

A Nitric Acid pre-dip is recommended to increase the life of the chromate particularly when an alkaline zinc electrolyte is utilized.

As with all trivalent chromate based conversion coatings, care should be taken to avoid excess abrasion of the parts after finishing in that trivalent coatings when fractured do not "heal" as in the case of traditional hexavalent products.

Routine additions via metering pump or regular "over the side" tank additions should be incorporated into the operating procedures. It is not wise to allow the solution to become almost depleted and "recharged" with large amounts of chemistry. Addition rate should be determined empirically through analysis of chromating bath with a correlation of the amount of work going through the line.


Consult the individual Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for complete information.

For both the additives and the working solution, handling is recommended using chemical goggles or a full face shield, as well as protective clothing like neoprene gloves and boots, acid resistant apron or suit and hat. Prevent body or eye contact with these materials. Skin contact or inhalation of the additives or the working bath, including mists, should be prevented. A NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator should be used, as necessary. Any pouring or pumping of the solution should be designed to minimize misting or splashing. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling.

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