ZINC PRO ZN/NI 200 PROCESS zinc-nickel alkaline system is, ammonia-free and cyanide-free process specifically designed for barrel plating. This low metal alloy bath produces a deposit with superior corrosion protection properties. Our unique alkaline process produces a nickel alloy of 10-15 % with excellent throwing power and uniform alloy deposition across a wide range of current densities. In addition, ZINC PRO ZN/NI 200 PROCESS offers the unique advantage of accepting trivalent clear and superior black (non-silver) trivalent chromate coatings.

NOTE: To optimize the ZN NI 200 Process, the user must have access to X-ray fluorescence to check thickness and percent of nickel in the plated deposit. AA (Atomic Absorption) is required to determine the amount of nickel in the solution.

  • Zinc nickel alloy deposit containing 10-15 % nickel remains constant across a wide range of current densities.
  • Provides superior corrosion protection (0ver 2000 hours neutral salt spray to red rust with correct thickness and post treatment)
  • Various topcoats can be applied for better corrosion protection and/or torque tension
  • Accepts trivalent clear and superior black (non-silver) chromate coatings.
  • Conforms to many automobile manufacturing specifications, including heat aging requirement.

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Plating Solution Make-up

100 litre make-up

Sodium Hydroxide 50% 16 litres
ZnO 0.87 Kg
Zn/NI 200 Ni 1.25 litres
Zn/Ni 200 C 4.0 litres
ZN/Ni 200 B 0.1 litres
Plating Solution Composition
Zinc Metal 6.0 - 8.0 g/l 7.0 g/l
Ni Metal*
*Ni Should be set to get 12 – 14% Ni content in the Zn/Ni alloy.
0.8 – 1.8 g/l 1.0 g/l
NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) 100 – 140 g/l 120 g/l
Na2CO3 (Sodium Carbonate) <50 g/l 120 g/l
ZN/Ni 200 B 0.5 – 2.0 ml/litre 1.0 ml/litre
TEMPERATURE 28 – 320 °C 30 °C
FILTRATION FLOW RATES Continuous through 5-10 micron filter. (1-2 bath turnovers per hour)
AGITATION/ CIRCULATION Solution movement via a flow educator system is highly recommended 2-3 bath turnovers per hour
CATHODE CURRENT DENSITY Barrel 0.1-1 A/dm2 (1 – 10 asf)
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