Electroless Nickel


ENDEP 6 RHC is an advanced electroless nickel-phosphorus plating system that yields a bright deposit, which is lead and cadmium free.

ENDEP 6 RHC has a high rate of deposition 0.0008 - 0.001 inch per hour (0.8 to 1 mil) over its bath life.

ENDEP 6 RHC is a two part makeup system with simple two part maintenance.

ENDEP 6 RHC produces a bright 5 – 7 % P coating.

Advantages of ENDEP 6 RHC system.

  • Economical to operate
  • Fast plating speed
  • High tolerance to contaminants
  • Long solution life
  • Consistent deposit brightness
  • Exceptional stability
  • Optional self pH regulating option
  • Meets ASTM B733 Type III, MIL-C-26074E, AMS 2404 & AMS 2405.


Phosphorus Content Range 5 - 7 (wt. %)
Melting Range: 890-1340°C (1634-2444°F)
Magnetic Properties (Coactivity): Magnetic
Nitric Acid Test: Fails
Colour: Bright
Hardness (as plated) 610- 630 Vickers
Wear Properties (as plated)
Taber Index Value 5 – 10 mg/1000 cycles loss

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Solution Make-up:
ENDEP 6 RHC A 6.0% by volume
ENDEP 6 RHC B 15% by volume
Deionized Water To operating volume
  1. Add deionized water to a properly cleaned and passivated EN tank (fill to 1/2 tank capacity).
  2. Add required amounts of ENDEP 6 RHC B followed by ENDEP 6 RHC A using either air or mechanical agitation to ensure proper mixing.
  3. Fill to working volume with deionized water.
  4. Mix thoroughly with solution and/or air Agitation and heat to 190 °F.
  5. Analyze nickel content and adjust to 6 g/l if necessary.
  6. Check pH and adjust*, if necessary, to 4.9.

    *Adjust upward if necessary with 50% ammonium hydroxide or downwards with 10% sulfuric acid.

Solution Maintenance

Bath Replenishment

To ensure proper operation of the ENDEP 6 RHC system, the solution chemistry must be maintained between 85% and 105% of initial activity. This is accomplished by measuring and monitoring the nickel metal concentration via a standard EDTA titration.

The ENDEP SYSTEM is designed to be replenished in a 1:1 of the 6A and 6C.

Upon determination of the nickel metal concentration, additions of both ENDEP 6 RHCA and ENDEP 6 RHCC or ENDEP 6 RHCD are made based on the following calculation and/or replenishment guide.

Replenishment Calculation:

To increase the nickel content by 1 g/l, add 1 litre of ENDEP 6 RHCA per 100 litres of plating solution.

To increase the reducer content by 1 g/l, add 2ml/ litre of ENDEP 6 RHCC.

The ENDEP 6 RHCD is designed as a self regulating pH system and to raise the reducer by 1 g/l, an addition of 2 ml/litres of ENDEP 6 RHCD.

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