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Welcome to Mar-Tech Holdings!

MAR-Tech is a state of the art chemical supplier with exceptional service. The Regional office was established in 2001 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our manufacturing is of the highest quality and standards and our products are second to none in the general metal finishing industry. We are focused on providing the industry with specific products which contribute to the Functional, Decorative, PCB and automated equipment of many end users. Our mission statement at MAR-Tech Holdings Inc. is to be flexible to current conditions as well provide superior service and products at competitive prices to meet our customer’s needs.


About Mar-Tech

MAR-Tech Holdings Inc. are focused on providing this industry with specific products which contribute to the Functional and Decorative performance of many end users...

News & Updates

MAR-Tech Holdings Inc. is introducing new zinc and zinc alloy technologies that are REACH compliant. In addition to these processes, it is presenting a variety of trivalent passivates...

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Our Hard Chromium systems include the self regulating processes, the organic type systems, the traditional fluoride systems and also conventional chromium process chemistries. These Hard Chrome plating chemistries have been proven in the plating industry to perform to the business standard and more. We offer the traditional hard chrome plating systems and some very unique high speed plating chemistries along with new systems to meet the ever growing demands for quality and performance by the end user.

Our Electroless Nickel systems are designed to meet the ever growing concerns for the preservation of our environment. These electroless nickel systems meet the environmental obligations as requested by RoHS, WEEE and ELV directives. Our electroless nickel chemistries provide low to high phosphorous deposits both in traditional and also as lead/cadmium free systems. We are also providing a unique BLACK electroless system which has significant economic advantages in the decorative automobile and plumbing industries.

As a companion to our two key functional core chemistries, we manufacture and supply a variety of zinc and zinc alloy plating chemistry systems. These systems combined with our ELV compliant trivalent chromate and sealers; provide users a once stop shopping freedom.