The MAR NICKEL PRO Ni-Fe Plus process is a new generation system formulated to replace all-nickel deposits with a high iron alloy deposit.

The MAR NICKEL PRO Ni-Fe Plus deposit produced from this process exhibits superior leveling to all-nickel deposits and is capable of plating deposits of 35% to 45% iron on a continuing basis for substantial savings to the electroplater. For further savings, Iron blanks anode material can be used in titanium baskets.

The outstanding features of the MAR NICKEL PRO Ni-Fe Plus process is:

  • Variety of anode materials which can be used
  • Superior leveling and brightness
  • Excellent Chromability
  • Ductility equal to or superior to all-nickel deposits
  • Corrosion resistance equivalent to that obtained with all-nickel deposits
  • Excellent stabilizer system
Nickel Sulphate (NiSO4. 6H2O) 135 g/litre
(18 oz/gal)
38-375 g/litre
(5-50 oz/gal)
Nickel Chloride (NiCl2 . 6H2O) 135 g/litre
(18 oz/gal)
90-225 g/litre
(12-30 oz/gal)
Boric Acid (H3BO3) 49 g/litre
(6.5 oz/gal)
45-53 g/litre
(6-7 oz/gal)
Ni-Fe plus Iron Complexor 10 g/litre
(1.5 oz/gal)
7-14 g/litre
(1-2 oz/gal)
Ni-Fe Plus 300-B Additive 1.5% by volume 1-2% by volume
Ni-Fe Plus 320-A Additive 0.15% by volume 0.1-0.2% by volume
Ni-Fe Plus 310-C Additive 4% by volume 3-5% by volume
Wetting Agent 100 WA (air) 0.15 by volume 0.1-0.2% by volume
Nickel 75 g/litre
(10 oz/gal)
38-90 g/litre
(5-12 oz/gal)
Iron 10 g/litre
(1.5 oz/gal)
8.5-17 g/litre
(1.25-2.5 oz/gal)
pH 3.2 3.0-3.5
Temperature 57°C

Generally, the major bath constituents perform the same functions as they do in nickel plating. However, there are a few important differences which are listed below:

Nickel Sulphate: The Ni-Fe Plus process can be operated at lower concentrations of nickel sulphate than all-nickel baths. Values as low as 10 oz/gallon will give satisfactory results, depending on plating conditions.

Nickel Chloride: It is advisable to maintain a higher nickel chloride content in the Ni-Fe Plus process. This eliminates anode polarization, and lowers operating costs.

Boric Acid: The additives used in the Ni-Fe Plus process interfere with boric acid analytical results. It is advisable to carry this material at a high concentration ¾ near saturation.

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