Pro DF

MAR COPPER-PRO DF is an ultra-high performance, dye-free addition agent system for bright acid copper plating on metal or plastic substrates. It offers unparalleled leveling characteristics, with a low stressed deposit that is ductile, and readily accepts subsequent coatings without a loss of adhesion... View More

Elite 78

MAR COPPER-PRO ELITE 78 is an alkaline non cyanide or pyro copper system designed to plate on a variety of base metals. This system is non-toxic, mildly alkaline copper plating solution designed to deposit a fine grained, smooth and ductile copper layer. It can also be used on zinc-based die-castings and aluminum but may require a strike solution... View More


The MAR COPPER-PRO NCN 35 Pyrophosphate Copper solution can be used in place of cyanide or acid copper in a wide variety of functional and decorative applications. These include electroforming, printed circuit boards and plating on properly prepared metals. These include steel, zinc-based die-castings and aluminum... View More

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