MAR ENEU OPS is a highly stable etch process formulated to ensure reliable clean base copper surfaces. The MAR ENEU OPS provides a smut-free, uniformly etched copper prior to electroless and electrolytic plating.

MAR ENEU OPS is supplied as a dry acid salt which can be dissolved in dilute Sulphuric acid at ambient temperature. The system provide a fume-free copper activator.

The stability of the MAR ENEU OPS process provides up to four times the life of conventional persulphate solution, reducing rejects due to poor adhesion caused by copper recrystallization.

Advantages of the ENAU 12 process include:
  • 100 % active for long life.
  • No hazard in handling when used as described.
  • No fumes or odors, easy on equipment.
  • Readily soluble.
  • Contains no ammonium compounds, chromates, chlorides, nitrates or fluorides.
  • Ambient temperature operation.

Depending on application, MAR ENEU OPS is usually worked to exhaustion rather than run in a replenish able mode. Reliable copper activation is achieved from a 100 g/litre solution until copper concentration reaches 20 g/litre.


For base-copper etch in Electroless & Electroless Nickel lines.

MAR ENEU OPS 150 g/litre
Sulphuric acid 66° Baumé 2% by volume
Temperature 21°C to 26°C
Time 2-3 minutes
Etch rate 0.9-1.1microns/min

Air agitation of MAR ENEU OPS solutions will produce a more even etch, while extending its life.

Tanks: PVC, rubber lined, polyethylene, polypropylene
Heaters: Quartz, Titanium, PTPE required to raise temperature to 25°C.
Air lines: PVC
Ventilation: Recommended
Heaters: Quartz, Titanium, PTPE

Half fill tank with water. Add required amount of MAR ENEU OPS, depending on specific application. Stir thoroughly. When fully dissolved, add 2% Sulphuric acid and adjust volume. Protective face masks, boots and aprons are recommended.

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