ENAU PDS is a specially designed palladium system used to activate the copper surface on a PCB board prior to the deposition of electroless nickel plating process MAR ENEU 12.

ENAU PDS is a Sulphuric acid palladium system used to provide activation of copper with excellent adhesion characteristics.

Advantages of the ENAU PDS process include:
  • Consistent deposition rate.
  • Economical to operate with 2 – 5 metal turnovers.
  • Single component system.
  • Easy to control by simple analytical methods.
  • Operative at room temperature.
  • Contains no chloride.

Bath Replenishment

To ensure proper operation of the ENAU PDS system, the solution chemistry must be maintained between 40 – 50 mg/litre of palladium. This is accomplished by measuring and monitoring the palladium concentration via a standard AA Spectroscopy.

The Sulphuric acid should be analyzed using the standard titration methods.

Palladium 10 ml/litre of ENAU PDS will increase Pd content by 10 mg/l
Normality 10 ml/litre of Sulphuric acid s.g. 1.84 will increase the Normality content by 0.36 N
Plating rate @ 190°F 0.3 to 0.5 mils/hr
Solution life 7 to 8
Tanks: The installation can be made of Polypropylene, Polyethylene or hard PVC.
Heaters: If required glass, porcelain, PTFE or quartz heater may be used.
Filtration The solution should be regularly filtered, preferably continuously through 5 micron or smaller cartridges. (Cartridges must be leached for one hour in 10% Sulphuric acid and then rinsed well before use.)
The recommended filtration rate is 1 - 2 solution turnovers per hour.
Agitation No air agitation. Mechanical movement is highly recommended.
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