SW-33 is a superior hole wall conditioner for circuit boards constructed of constructed of epoxy, polyamide and other materials. It facilitates rapid, uniform drill smear removal or etchback when used with MAR-Tech conditioning chemistry.

Followed by permanganate processes, this system will increase the hole wall topography and prepare the surface for optimum electroless copper adhesion.

Advantages of the MAR SW-33 process include:

  • Safe bio-degradable system
  • Promotes increased resin activity
  • Excellent wetting of drilled holes
  • Increases permanganate etch rate
  • Neutralizes sulfuric acid residues, complete removal of plasma ash
  • Low surface tension
  • Low operating temperature

Solution Make-Up

Process tank is made up at 100% with MAR SW-33

Solution Maintenance

MAR SW-33 features a long solution life. Replace drag-out and maintain solution level by adding 100%, full strength material.

The bath should be replaced after 75 surface square meters per litre have been processed.

Operating Parameters

MAR SW-33 Concentration 100% 90 – 100%
Temperature Resin dependent Resin dependent
Time Resin dependent Resin dependent

Consult the individual Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) covering MAR SW-33 for complete information.

For MAR SW-33 plating solution, handling is recommended using chemical goggles or a full face shield, as well as protective clothing like neoprene gloves and boots, acid resistant apron or suit and hat. Prevent body or eye contact with these materials. Skin contact or inhalation of the additives or the working bath, including mists, should be prevented. An approved respirator should be used, as necessary. Any pouring or pumping of the solution should be designed to minimize misting or splashing. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling.


Adequate measures must be taken to protect workers from eye and skin contact. Use only within a well ventilated area. If local exhaust is inadequate, use of approved respiratory protection is recommended. Wash thoroughly after handling chemicals and at the end of the work period. Launder contaminated clothing before reuse.

In case of skin contact, drench skin with water and wash thoroughly with soap and water. If irritation develops, consult a physician.

In the event of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with a continuously flowing stream of water directed into the eyes for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.

If inhaled, move exposed individual to fresh air. Call a physician.

If ingested, call a physician immediately.

Solution Waste Treatment

Spent solution of MAR SW-33 may contain copper. Treat as a metal bearing organic solution.

Observe all local\provincial\federal waste disposal regulations.

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