FluxesMAR HTF 7101

MAR HTF 7101 flux is a unique blend of ingredients formulated for use in the hot air leveling process. The MAR HTF 7101 flux will remove light copper oxides and apply a protective layer of flux to protect solder mask and promote good solderability of copper pads.

A bright uniform solder finish is obtained using the MAR HTF 7101. This system will provide easy rinse able finish. The MAR HTF 7101 is a non-foaming solvent free flux, that is compatible with LPI and dry film solder masks

  • Provides an excellent solder finish
  • Has reliable first pass coverage.
  • The flux is Non-Foaming.
  • It is easy to rinse.
  • Environmental non VOC flux.

The MAR HTF 7101 flux has excellent water solubility not effecting the high flash point. This flux should not be diluted or mixed with water or other chemicals.

When used in automatic equipment, follow manufacturer's suggestions. When used in manual machines, dip boards in the flux and squeegee off excess (a thin film of flux is all that is required) and preheat. A dwell time of 2-4 seconds is recommended for best result. Depending on the type of machine and the thickness of the board the dwell times may vary.

Always rinse boards after processing because the flux remains active and will cause corrosion. DI water is recommended for final rinsing to lower ionic contamination. Rinse aids can also aid in reducing ionic residues if necessary.

Solution Make Up
  • Use as received.
Operating Parameters
Temperature Ambient – it is not necessary to heat the flux reservoir.
Time Dwell time of 2-4 seconds is recommended for best result,
Control Add fresh HTF 7101 to maintain solution level.

Standard fluxing equipment constructed of polypropylene or polyethylene.

Safety and Handling

MAR HTF 7101 should be handled with care. Avoid open flames. Do not store in direct sunlight, high temperature or below freezing. CAUTION should be taken because this material contains acidic ingredients.

MAR HTF 7101 working bath is acidic and may irritate skin and burn eyes. Wear rubber gloves, apron, safety goggles and protective clothing. Flush exposed areas with clean cold water. Continue to flush eyes for 15 minutes. Contact a Physician.

Waste Disposal

Normally, the spent flux is pH neutralized with caustic soda and sent to a hazardous materials waste handler for fuel blending.

Consult the individual Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) covering MAR HTF 7101 for complete information.

Federal, state and local disposal laws and regulations will determine the proper waste disposal procedure. All waste materials should be reviewed to determine the applicable hazards (testing may be necessary). Disposal requirements are dependent upon the hazard classification and will vary by location and the type of disposal selected. Some waste materials are amenable to recycle\reuse.

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