MAR Tin Strip 36

MAR Tin Strip 36 is a clear, light yellow/green nitric acid based solution which is used for stripping tin or tin/lead resist from printed circuit boards. MAR Tin Strip 36 is a one component solution which has a high rate of metal resist removal. The system is designed for both automated horizontal spray systems and the chemistry can be used in a vertical soak application.

Advantages of the MAR Tin Strip 36 application:

  • Anti-tarnish, anti-oxidizing and inhibiting agent
  • Minimize copper etching
  • Can be operated on bleed and feed system
  • Leaves a clean copper surface
  • Easily waste treated
  • Provides a bright copper finish
  • System is designed for a high metal loading
  • Spray – 100%
  • Soak – Dilute 10 – 15% with water
Optimum Operational Limits
Concentration: 100% 83 – 98%
Operating Temperature: 85°F 80 - 100°F
pH: <1 <1
Time 30 seconds 10 – 45 seconds

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Break-Point: In spray applications, the conveyor speed should be set to maintain the break point at about 50% of the length of the chamber. Adjust the spray pressure so that both sides of the panel are stripper in approximately the same dwell time. This will insure that the tin or tin/lead is completely removed while minimizing the amount of copper dissolved into the solution.


The specific gravity set point for replenishment is normally between 1.26 – 1.29, depending on desired line speed. DO NOT replenish with acid.

  • Tanks:
    Polypropylene , PVC, Polyethylene, Fiberglass
  • Heaters:
    PTFE, Quartz, 316 SSL
  • Filtration:
    Recommended to extend solution life
  • Agitation:
    Vertical – rack bar 1” stroke back and forth
    Horizontal – not required
  • Vibration:
    Vertical – recommended
    Horizontal – for high aspect work – a pre-soak is recommended

Reagents Required

  • 0.1N Hydrochloric Acid


  • Pipette 5 ml sample of solution into a 250 ml beaker.
  • Add 100 – 150 ml distilled water
    NOTE: the endpoint color change is from blur to yellow
  • Using pH meter, titrate with 1.0 N sodium hydroxide solution to a pH of 8.0
  • Record the volume of sodium hydroxide used.


mls of NaOH X Normality of NaOH
                36 ml of sample
=   Normality of MAR Tin Strip

The normality of a NEW solution of MAR Tin Strip 36 (at 100%) is 4.50 – 5.30.
The normality of a spent solution is between 3.50 – 3.70.

If the MAR Tin Strip 36 has been diluted, the normality and specific gravity will be lower.

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