The MAR E’CU 26 system is a stable medium depth electroless copper designed to deposit a pure, fine grained, equaixed copper finish. E’CU 26 has a bright, dense, uniform, conductive copper plate with a low stress deposit and excellent hole-wall adhesion. The MAR E’CU 26 system is capable of a deposition rate in excess of 60 millionths of an inch in 30 minutes.

  • Low stress deposit with excellent hole-wall adhesion
  • Excellent coverage of both dielectric and glass surfaces
  • Bath stability due to unique stabilizer and chelator chemistry
  • Fine, dense bright pink grain structure

Make-up for 100 litres

DI Water 84.7 litres
E’CU 26A 5.5 litres
E’CU 26B 5.0 litres
E’CU 26C 4.0 litres
E’CU 26R 0.80 litres

The solution make-up should be added in the above order to avoid localized precipitation of the system. Each component of the system should be mixed for at least 10 minutes prior to continuing.

Constituent Optimum Range
Copper 2.60 g/l 2.50 – 2.80 g/l
Caustic 12 g/l 10 – 14 g/l
Reducer 8 ml/l 5 – 8 ml/l
Temperature 95°C 85 - 95°C
Time 30 minutes 25 – 40 minutes
Workload 1 ssf/gal 0.50 – 2.0 ssf/gal


Tanks: Polypropylene, HD Polyethylene, PVC
Heaters: Teflon (Derated heaters)
Ventilation: Required (50 FPM)
Filtration Recommended: Continuous filtration through a 10 - 20 micron polypro filter tube is advisable or overflow bag in sump of tank; 5 – 10 turnovers per hour.
Agitation: Recommended: Work rod agitation to maximize movement of solution through holes. Mild air is necessary.
Vibration: Recommended for small hole and high aspect ratio boards.
  1. Skip the last replenishment additions prior to shutdown
  2. Add 1% by volume of E’CU 26S
  3. Allow solution temperature to drop to ambient
  4. Maintain air agitation and circulation
Extended periods of Inactivity
  1. Allow the solution to cool to room temperature
  2. Filter solution through a 10 micron filter bag
  3. Allow for air agitation continuously
  4. Allow for solution circulation
  5. Add 1.5% by volume of E’CU 26S
Solution Life

Made up solution should not be discarded until 5,000 surface square feet have been processed for every gallon of solution. (one hundred {100} gallon bath, 500,000 square feet)

When solution reaches a specific gravity of 1.12, a 20% decant is recommended to lower the specific gravity. A daily/weekly decant will keep the specific gravity low and will extend the life of the bath.

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