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MAR MIST SUPPRESSANT PF 20 NPX is a Fume and Spray Suppressant and is highly effective, non-fluorinated liquid wetting agent for all heavy deposition chromium plating baths and chrome stripping solutions. It provides an excellent balance, between a surface foam film around the anode and cathode and surface tension reduction. It is designed to eliminate misting and reduce drag-out.

  • Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX provides medium, fast breaking foam with superior surface tension and interfacial tension reduction.
  • Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX lowers the surface tension to less than 25 dynes/cm. thus substantially lowering drag-out losses as well as reducing the size of escaping bubbles while providing a moderate surface foam blanket.

Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX in chromium plating baths offers these significant advantages:

  • More pleasant and healthful working conditions in the plating room as a result of the elimination of irritating chromic acid fumes, which may result from inadequate blower capacity.
  • Decreased heating costs due to reduced ventilation requirements over the chromium tank.
  • Lower chromium replenishment costs resulting from reduced drag-out and spray-loss of plating solution.
  • Less danger of contamination of adjacent plating solutions by chromic acid mist.
  • Increased life of ventilating and other plating room equipment.

A wetting agent fume suppressant (WA/FS) reduces surface tension of a liquid. A wetting agent reduces bubble size, and smaller bubbles burst with less impact on the surface with a reduction in emissions.


Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX is available as a liquid and is packaged in 20 litre pails. The amount of Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX compound recommended to achieve effective fume suppression and surface tension reduction is 7.5 to 10 gallons per 1000 gallons of plating solution, depending on the requirements of the particular installation. This amount will produce an effective reduced surface tension.

The effectiveness of Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX is continued by maintenance additions of this compound. The need for maintenance additions should be determined by surface tension analysis.

The stalagmometer method is suggested. The complete procedure is described at the end of this data sheet. A more accurate method for surface tension analysis can be accomplished by the use of a Tensionometer.

Plant experience will determine the proper amount of Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX required to maintain an operating solution since it is dependent upon the amount of work processed.

However, several general rules can be suggested:

  1. When visual observation is used to determine the need for addition, about 2 litres of Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX may be added at one time per 1,000 litres of solution.
  2. When the surface tension method is used, the general rule is that 130 ml of Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX per 1,000 litres will reduce the surface tension 1 dyne/cm. For satisfactory operation, the surface tension should be between 30 - 25 dynes/cm.
  1. Mist Suppressant PF 20 greatly reduces drag-out of plating solution and may require an adjustment in schedules for addition of bath replenishment materials.
  2. Heating requirements of the tank may require minor adjustments, because of the low foam film, due to the reduced heat loss from reduced ventilation as well as decreased evaporation.
  3. Mist Suppressant PF 20 is permanently stable in all chromium plating solution and is removed only by drag-out (especially drag-out of foam). The use of air agitation or an air wand at the exit of automatics will sweep foam away from the racks as they leave the tank and substantially reduce the drag-out.
  4. The use of an excess of Mist Suppressant PF 20 NPX will not result in better performance and is wasteful, resulting in higher cost of operation.
  5. Mist Suppressant PF 20 has been used successfully for hard chromium plating where chromium thickness exceeds 2 to 3 mils.
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